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Directions by the Speaker

1. Points of conduct and etiquette for the guidance of witnesses appearing before the committees of the Legislative Assembly and their sub-committees.
2. Direction under rule 243 regarding scope of Committee on Subordinate Legislation and procedure for examination by the Committee.
3. Direction regarding presentation of a Report of a committee to the Speaker under rule 205.
4. Direction regarding election to Committees on Estimates and Public Accounts.
5. Direction regarding procedure for inviting attention of the House to incorrect statements made by Ministers or Members.
6. Direction regarding presentation of petitions to the House.
7. Direction regarding appointment of a member of Government Committees as Chairmen or member of Committee on Estimates/Public Accounts/ Public Under-takings under rule 307.
8. Direction regarding election to Committee on Public Undertakings.
9. Omitted.
10. Direction regarding consideration of petitions by the Committee on Petition.
11. Direction regarding the object of removing any difficulty in the functioning of a Committee of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly in the event of the office of the Chairman thereof being vacant or of his office not being un-avoidably available.
12. Direction regarding attendance of Hon’ble Members in the sittings of various Committees of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.
13. Omitted.
14. Direction regarding special mention.
15. Regulation of Procedure for asking and answering of questions.
16. Procedure pertaining to decisions on adjournment motions received under rule 50.