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Resolution for Removal of the Speaker

Name of Speaker
& House
Party Members/
Total (%)
Mover & Party Date on Which Motion Moved Result No. of Members
Participated in Debate
Narottam Lal Joshi
(1st House) Two Motions
Congress 82/160 (51.25%) Jaswant Singh, (Independent) 19-02-1953
Motion withdrawn by the mover 05
Ved Pal Tyagi, (Congress) 06-08-1954 Not permitted to move for want of required support 04
Niranjan Nath Acharya
(4th House)
Congress 107/184 (58.15%) Satish Chandra Agrawal, (Jansangh) 27-02-1969
Motion withdrawn by the mover 06
Giriraj Prasad Tiwari
(8th House)
Congress I 115/200 (57.5%) Manik Chand Surana, (Janta Party)
Yadu Nath Singh, (Lokdal)
27-10-1986 Motion withdrawn by the mover 30
Shanti Lal Chaplot
(10th House) Two Motions
BJP 99/200 (49.5%) Jagdeep Dhankar, (INC) 16-07-1996 Demand for suspension of rule 134 in admissible under rule 306: Not permitted. 36
Laxman Singh Rawat, (INC)
Madhav Singh Deewan, (INC)
06-03-1997 Not moved due to absence of the mover. 05